55. Goong Phoa £11.50
Grilled king prawns served with spicy chilli sauce

56. Goong Choob Pang Tod £8.95
Deep fried king prawns in batter served with sweet chilli sauce

57. Goong Rad Prig £8.95
Deep fried king prawns topped with special sweet chilli sauce

58. Goong Ob Sa Mun Prai £11.95
King prawns steamed in soya sauce, black pepper and ginger

59. Goong and Phu Ob £12.95
King prawns and crab claws steamed in soya sauce with spicy chilli sauce

60. Hor Mok Talae £12.25
Mixed seafood cooked in rich coconut milk, red curry and eggs

61. Talae Phad Cha £12.25
Mixed seafood cooked with chillies, garlic, kra chai, holy basil and lime leaves

62. Nung Manao
Steamed with lemon, garlic, lemon grass and chillies. Fish (sea bass) £14.50 Prawns £11.95

63. Pla Nung Si-iew £14.50
Steamed sea bass in soya sauce, spring onions and yellow beans

64. Pla Phad Ton Hom £11.75
Deep fried red snapper with ginger, spring onions and yellow beans

65. Pla Rad Prig £11.75
Deep fried swordfish topped with fresh chillies in sweet sauce

66. Pla Tod Gra Tiem £14.50
Deep fried sea bass topped with garlic sauce

67. Pla Tod Yum Sa Mun Prai £14.50
Deep fried sea bass served with special exotic home-made Thai herb salad

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